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The 3 main reasons people are looking to invest in Cape Verde Islands

1. Political and economic stability: Cape Verde has experienced a consistent increase in GDP growth over a sustained period, with economists predicting continued growth in 2020 and beyond. 

2. Year-round high rental potential: High demand and shortage of high-quality 

accommodations mean a stable ‘buy-to-let’ environment for investors.

3. Increasing property prices: Early stages of development in Cape Verde make it an ideal time to invest. Real estate prices are increasing and have been delivering a 30% average return annually on investments.

Tropical Paradise

Maio Island, Cape Verde

Maio is a small island in Cape Verde, a volcanic archipelago nation off the coast of West Africa. It's known for the sandy beaches around its main town of Vila do Maio and north, near the village of Morrinho. Santana Bay attracts nesting sea turtles. In a forested area of the west coast, Calheta is a fishing village with many colorful houses. The nearby village of Morro is popular for its handicrafts.

Area: 103.9 mi²

Elevation: 1,430′

Population: 8,303 (2020)

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